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This article is a link to all the useful articles that we feel you should read / and watch (most have videos) that explain how to use the ratings and also how to set up the ratings page to suit you. The 'How to Customize your Ratings views' is an article that even many of our long term members didn't know about!

Signing up to a Premium/Pro Subscription is a great way to improve your betting.

What do you get with a Premium Subscription?
Premium Subscription

What do you get with a Professional Subscription?
Professional Subscription

We have broken down the columns that you can now see on the Ratings page into different groups so you can find out what each column means

Ratings Columns NAP - Win Odds

Ratings Columns Win PR - Form

Ratings Columns R10 - AV3 Rank

Ratings Columns Class - Days

Ratings Columns - Horse Stats

Ratings Columns - Trainers Stats

Ratings Columns - Jockey Stats

Ratings Columns - Sire Stats

Ratings Columns - Combined A/E

Navigating and Customizing the Ratings

How to Navigate the Ratings

How to Customize your Ratings views

How to Sort by different Columns

TipStats & ProStats



WS / PS & WP Views

What do the WS / PS & WP Views mean and show?

Updated on: 09/07/2021

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