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How do I sign up?

Free, Premium or Professional?

Sign up for a RatingTheRaces account for playing the NAP Competition and/or using the WebRatings and ProStats via the Membership page

Here's a video showing you how:

Free Membership

This allows you to play the FREE to enter NAP Competition.
You can win CASH prizes each and every week and Premium Ratings!

Premium Membership

What do you get with a Premium Membership:

This gives you access to our fantastic WebRatings!
Did you know our best TOP RATED winner so far was Killdunne at a mammoth 147.42 BFSP!
Sign up here: Premium Membership

Professional Membership

This gives you access to both our fantastic WebRatings and to our ProStats tool.
This tool has been referred to as a game changer!
Sign up here: Professional Membership

Updated on: 31/05/2021

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